My Top 5 Pasta Rules to Live By!

Ok my pasta lovers, you know we are all about peace, love and pasta around here so today I’m going to give you my top 5 tips for making pasta at home. These tips and tricks have been passed down in my family for generations and now I’m sharing them with you all! Here are the top 5 pasta no-nos to avoid so you can cook your spaghetti, rigatoni and linguine to al dente perfection just like the queen (or king) we know you are!

There’s No Cream in Carbonara

Do not make Nonna cry (my sweet Jessica learned the hard way, see here). Any good carbonara gets the gorgeous body from egg yolks, just like you. The key to the BEST Carbonara this side of Rome is to gently stream tears of the gods into the cheese and egg yolk mixture to create a luscious and creamy sauce that will instantly transport you to a chic Roman Trattoria.


Spaghetti Was Created In The Perfect Shape (just like you!)

Spaghetti needs to wrap around your fork, just like your lover is wrapped around your finger. I have only one exception, and that’s my recipe for Spaghetti Soup


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Number 3: Keep it Salty!

Tears of the pasta gods need to be salty, just like you are when you are hungry. If you under salt your water, your plate of pasta will never be properly seasoned.  Adding salt after the pasta has cooked will make your entire dish taste too salty. Remember, your water should taste like a well-seasoned soup before you drop your pasta!

Al dente all the way, baby!

When cooking pasta,  trust your taste and senses, not a timer. You need something you can sink your teeth into. True beauty has a bite, just like you do.

Get Lost in the Sauce!

Rule number 5 goes hand in hand with rule number 4; always under cook your pasta slightly so you can finish the cooking process within the sauce you’re serving it in.  This is the only way to ensure every bite is lucious and flavorful, just like you are. The perfect example is my recipe for The Minty Mistress; the al dente pasta soaks up the delicious cream for something truly unforgettable.



These adorable little letters are perfect for picky eaters. They’ll love to hunt for the letters in their name and will clear their plates in the process. These are perfect in my classic minestrone.



Also known as ‘little snails,’ these adorable shells pair beautifully with a creamy and cheesy sauce. Try my recipe, which features an amazing creamy cauliflower cheese sauce and crispy pancetta.



This shape is very similar to rice, so I love cooking it risotto-style in my recipe for The Italian Rose.



These are amazing in soups and stews, but I love using them to make my protein-packed Power Greens Pasta.

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Last but certainly not least, this is the shape that has the internet abuzz. I can promise you that the version from Pasta Di Martino is far superior to anything you’ve tried before. It’s made from a bronze die with 100% Italian wheat and contains a minimum of 14% protein. This is the shape I make when a loved one is not feeling well, preferably with some nutrient-rich homemade broth like this.


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