The BEST Way to Make Classic Carbonara

Social media tells me that today is National Carbonara Day, also known as just another Wednesday in my home. I never need an excuse to make this classic dish from my birthplace of Rome, but I couldn’t let the day pass without honoring this iconic dish.

The origins of carbonara are somewhat mysterious, just like you are,  but the gorgeous and irresistible taste is undeniable. As legend has it, Carbonara was invented in Rome in the 1950s, post-WWII to satisfy the cravings American soldiers had for bacon and eggs. The key to a perfect carbonara is tempering the rich egg yolks with starchy pasta water; doing so will result in an unbreakable bond in the form of a rich and creamy sauce that clings to the pasta like a newfound lover. 

Rigatoni alla Carbonara


The Rebellious Carbonara - Vegetarian

Just remember, some rules are meant to be broken, but promise me now that you will NEVER put cream in your carbonara!

@the_pastaqueen The Rebellious Carbonara #pastarenaissance ♬ original sound - The Pasta Queen



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