Two of my Favorite Recipes for Summer Entertaining!

With the 4th of July upon us I am reminded of my love for America and summer entertaining.

Today I’m sharing two of my favorite *just gorgeous* summer recipes that will be perfect for your holiday table. Add a little Italian flare alongside your BBQ.

A Sicilian Summer

This dreamy Sicilian no-cook pasta sauce can be eaten with hot or cold pasta and is supremely divine (just like you are).


Crunchy Salmon Pesto

Recently, I loved learning about the New England tradition of eating salmon and peas on the 4th of July celebration.  As legend has it, since sweet peas reached their peak in late June and salmon made their annual migration in the summer months, this made the dish the perfect choice for July 4th. This seasonal love story reminded me of my Crunchy Salmon Pesto. Though different in ingredients, it’s similar in that it celebrates the sweetness of summer by combining freshly picked basil with salmon infused in thyme-kissed butter.



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