New York, New York

Hey Everyone!

I have been living in England for a while… and before that I was in Rome for a few years. I love the UK, I find it an easy-to-live-in country. Before going back to Rome a few years ago I toured the world for some time. I used to work for a music band and organise concerts and media. I loved it! It was the most exhilarating time of my life. I travelled over 95 cities all over Europe and the US.

I have to say that very few cities made me feel at home and was constantly longing for my beautiful Rome. The smell, the vibe, the food, the people. Nothing I saw while touring could match the great feelings of my home town. While touring across the globe I had the UK as my main go back to “home”.

However, back then I really didn’t enjoy England as much as I do now. I was always nostalgic of my hometown and was always trying to get back to it.

But let’s get down to the subject of this post… New York! Amongst those 90 odd cities I visited I was privileged to have spent a good month in the magical New York City. I have to say from the moment I landed I felt at home. I think the slang and the attitude of the people reminded me of my home. Everyone is so aggressive and loud and it made me feel so comfy 😉 I usually get told off by my English friends for being “too loud” and aggressive and get funny looks when i am sipping coffee in a cafe talking casually to friends.

But while in New York I felt I was on familiar ground. Anyone I talked to spotted my Italian accent and it was like we were instantly blood related. I think New York, more than any other US city I have visited, has got a considerable Italian influence. This at least has been my perception of it. After just a couple of days in the city I found my way around, I loved everything I saw and the place I was staying at had a wonderful view of Manhattan. I was in Love.

After one week I managed to strike a friendship with a member of the NY city council who miraculously got me a permit for a musical event in Times Square. I just couldn’t believe it. Here I was, accomplished and in admiration of the might of New York city — so proud of myself!

However, many years have passed and lost touch with many people I knew from New York and for years I have been longing for a reason to go back to it or at least have a human reminder of my ties to this city. Faith wanted me to get on youtube and start cooking crazy Italian recipes. Ever since my decision to start youtubing I have been blessed by meeting so many new friends. Over the last 12 months, I have been able to exchange ideas, recipes and jokes with people all over the world and recently I made a great new friend who’s not only from New York BUT is also Italian! His name is Tom – better know on youtube as Tom Txxytu. He’s an amazing youtuber who teaches both Italian and English languages. He’s patient, talented and sweet. All the qualities you need in a good teacher! I liked him so much I decided to dedicate one of my recipes to him and here it is:

After which he was very compliant and surprisingly non-Italian (Italians always wait a couple of months before they respond) with his efficiency and speed in which he actually took my challenge on board, creating this amazing Mortadella and Mozzarella Panini — and filmed this video response while eating it! Tom, once again I bow to you, you are amazing!

So, after all of this, I can finally say I have a good reason to go visit New York again!


La Pixie Dust

Panino Mortadella & Mozzarella – a once in a year indulgence

Hey everyone!

We shot a new video recipe today, as you know I always try to promote healthy foods and really do my best to always use organic ingredients while I am cooking.

However, I do believe that every once in a while you gotta give a little challenge to your body and eat something a little naughty 😉 In this case I am talking about mortadella (boloney). This is not a natural and fresh food, it is processed and most of the time you don’t really know what’s in it … let’s be honest. I never really want to think about what bits of pork are processed in order to make out this great looking bright pink cured meat. I mean nothing in the world can look that good in colour and consistency and be healthy at the same time! I guess strawberries are an exception 😉

However, let’s not think about this too much and as long as you can avoid eating processed foods as such on a daily basis we’re on the safe side. I would leave this kind of food eating to once a year ifPanino mortadella e mozzarella possible.

This specific panino is one of the most popular in my hometown. We have some fine mortadella there and when you’re really in need of a lift me up, you just go for it!

This specific combo here is a real treat, all you need is pesto sauce (freshly made) mortadella and mozzarella. Let me tell you … this is one of the most amazing tasting panini you’ll ever eat in your lifetime.

Make sure to grab some hot focaccia bread to make it with … you’re not going to regret it 😉

Let me know how you like it!

Do you have a killer panini recipe you want to share with me? Let me know!


La Pixie Dust

Valentine’s Day Recipes … a bit of French History and Madame De Montespan

Hey Everyone!!

Tomorrow we celebrate Valentine’s Day … truthfully speaking I don’t celebrate it as much as other holidays but I guess it’s a good excuse to get together and remind couples of their love and passion 😉 Sometimes it’s hard, especially if you have been married for a while, one tends to forget about it all, the passion, the excitement and all that comes with starting a new fresh relationship!

My beautiful children reminded me once again of the excitement of life and the freshness with which they view everything that comes their way. This is my daughter Ellie’s valentines card to me … It’s fascinating how much love children are capable of giving to you and life.

Valentines Card IMG_5876

Now, let’s get back to the subject of this post … Madame De Montespan. She was a great woman, a french aristocrat in the 16th century. She is said to have been extremely beautiful and witty and to have a had a strong passion for cooking. In those times nobles and royals didn’t need to know how to cook so it was a rarity. She’s also been involved in witchcraft and deadly poisons, although never convicted of it herself.

She had a fervid passion for creating potions, elixirs and aphrodisiac foods. She is still most notably known as King Louis XIV’s mistress with whom she had 7 children. She was such a strong presence at Court and acknowledged for what she was, that she managed to get them all officially recognised by the King with all the titles and benefits that come with it.

This week’s recipe is special and one of the originals of Madame De Montespan. Here’s the video for you, Happy Valentine’s Day!

What should I eat for breakfast?

Hey Everyone!

Am I the only one trying to figure out what to have for breakfast every morning? Honestly, it’s one of those things that’s hard to get. The more I read about it the more I get confused. My grandma used to say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so for years I used to force feed my self in the morning, eggs and the full english breakfast way! You know what I mean? Here is a pic of what I had for breakfast this morning!

Poached eggs, spinach, rice cakes and hollandaise sauce


Despite my occasional feasts I don’t actually eat that much for breakfast usually. Maybe a banana and a green tea … You might think … WHAT? No coffee? Yep .. no coffee!! I stopped some time ago as I was over intoxicating myself with it. I had the jitters on a daily basis. (6 espresso shots a day). I was addicted. You can actually detect it on some of my youtube videos .. I am hyperactive, running around like a crazy woman!

So I decided to cut coffee out for a while, but back on our main subjects here, breakfast is a myth in my opinion as it really depends on how you feel like that day. Your body is the best way to tell what it actually needs … apart from abnormal doughnuts cravings! Those are not normal and you should get them checked out 😉

In my experience sometimes I feel my body needs a detox and don’t actually feel hungry that much, so I might have a fruit or a carrot, apple and orange juice. Sometimes I just have a green tea and some other times I need heavy proteins, so I actually indulge in a full English breakfast: eggs, beans, mushrooms and a potato cake.

So in conclusion … follow what your body feels is right depending on the day. One thing I really cannot recommend enough is to cut both wheat and sugars out of your diet … forever! All overly processed wheats and sugars are toxic. This again is my experience. I lost so much weight and feel so much more energy since I have done that. Also, all the food I buy is from local farmers and it’s organic.

Being Italian and all is difficult not to want to eat pasta so I use spelt instead of wheat for my pasta dishes. Even my kids’ energy has greatly improved. Cannot recommend this enough. Do your research on this two elements, you’ll see what I am saying in terms of what happens in the body when you eat processed wheats and sugars.

Happy breakfast everyone!


La Pixie Dust


How to stay young while living life

Morning Peeps of the cyberspace!

A few years ago I had my second child, Gabriel. I had put on quite a bit of weight during the pregnancy and after 6 months of having given birth I was not shedding any weight at all! I was also not particularly satisfied with my life in general and I was working within an environment that didn’t make me feel appreciated.

My relationship with my husband was ok. But underneath it all I was unhappy with myself.

Me and the family decided to move to the UK for a while. I was able to take a different viewpoint about my life once I had changed environment. I weeded out some old unnecessary friends, I changed my diet, I spent some quality time with my husband and became more spiritual. We stayed outside of London, in the country side, and that helped a lot. Having lived in Rome for the majority of my life tainted my personality, chaotic, frantic and nervousness was the order of my day!


After having spent a few months outside of it all I started to chill out. Kids were happy, husband more relaxed, we started eating better organic food from local farms and most importantly I had left behind a few negative people that had entered my day to day life while in Rome. Over a period of 6 months I went back to my ideal weight, I felt happy and looked way better! I made some new friends and life was good all around!

In conclusion, when life looks shitty have a look around and make some necessary changes, in my case the most remarkable change happened after I got rid of ungrateful and negative people. That alone brought a smile to my face. Of course you should also eat well and take good care of yourself and when possible eat some Italian food!!


La Pixie Dust

How I keep my figure

Nadia Caterina MunnoCiao Peeps!

Happy day to the Irish community all over the world! Today I got asked for the hundredth time how I keep my figure … Since I have been doing all these video recipes on youtube of pasta dishes, some more caloric than others 🙂 First of all let me begin by saying that I don’t eat pasta everyday. I probably have pasta about 3 times a week. If I have pasta that day than I avoid eating any bread.

I have mostly cut bread and sugar off my diet. When I take coffee I don’t have any sugar with it etc. If you actually count how many grams of sugar you would have in a day with coffee or juices or sodas, you would probably reach 20/30 grams in a day. That’s ridiculous!

So as a general rule I don’t have any sugar, or bread or juices in my diet. This alone keeps me slim. I definitely have a desert every once in a while and I love ice cream. But I keep it to a minimum. This is basically it. Bread and sugar – banned.

In Italy we eat bread with everything and is usually at the dining table, wether you’re having a pasta dish or a meat dish. That’s how it is. I just decided to keep my pasta addiction but avoid any other carbs, this pretty much does it for me.

PS. I do indulge in homemade burgers ….. 😛 Maybe once a month

Love youuuu x