Meet Caterina

The Pasta Pot/Stockpot

Caterina is the queen of The Pasta Queen Collection

She is the center of attention that everything revolves around, inspired by my grandmother Caterina, who was the queen of the family and brought everyone together. This strong and beautiful pot carries on my family’s legacy in creating old, traditional, exquisite pasta recipes.

Rely on this pasta pot for the endless delicious pasta meals you’ll make over a lifetime. She’ll be like a wonderful grandmother, always by your side when you need her and brightening up your kitchen. Caterina is enhanced by her hammered copper and gorgeous lid, which displays a beautiful crown with pasta for a knob. 

Caterina is the key component of the quintessential cookware set. Time and again, she’ll be there for you to make the pasta that sets the stage for your dishes.

Caterina will help you save the Tears of the Gods

Thanks to the included pasta insert, Caterina will help you save the precious pasta water aka “the Tears of the Gods”: an essential element to make extra velvety sauces that will cling onto the pasta. Just take the insert out when your pasta is perfectly al dente, and drop it straight into the sauce you are simmering in your Pinuccia chef pan: the Tears of the Gods will be waiting for you at the bottom of Caterina.

And don’t forget, when used without the insert, Caterina is a generously sized stockpot perfect to prepare all sorts stocks, soups and minestrone!

A Collection for Perfect Pasta - Every Time

Copper conducts heat and spreads it around quickly and evenly so everything in the pot or pan is equally cooked. This set is made of solid copper and clad stainless steel for superior heat-conductivity by our Ruffoni partners, a fourth-generation workshop in the Italian Alps. They handcraft each piece, hammer them for increased strength and lasting beauty, and finish them with my signature pasta crown especially for the Pasta Queen Collection. The pots and pans are also internally lined with practical, easy-to-care-for stainless steel for daily convenience. This set is a trustworthy ally when it comes to preparing and serving countless meals. When not in use, the gorgeous Pasta Queen Collection effortlessly adorns your kitchen like the beautiful pieces of art they are.