Meet Stella

The Serving/Frying Pan

Stella is a beautiful shining star

Named after my great auntie who loved and cared for everyone in our family, this frying pan will make sure that whatever pasta dish you make for the family, you can also serve it beautifully by bringing it to the table directly in the gorgeous pan. 

I love to use Stella to make and display my spaghetti with seafood and Ragu sauce in all its beauty for my family. Stella can take the show on her own and be presented at the dinner table as a centerpiece. The gorgeous lid with its knob in the shape of a Pasta Queen crown holding pasta adds to her magnificent beauty and helps her shine.

Slightly larger than Pinuccia, the chef pan, this shallow frying pan can cook almost anything, whether you’re throwing together a delicious pasta carbonara or making gratin vegetables as a side. This high-quality cookware also sears and simmers proteins for an impressive main course. Stella helps you adjust to the needs of each dish, as you can grab the two handles and shift her from the stovetop to the oven for your pasta bake or even a fruit cobbler.

Stella can take any dish and display it with class and beauty.

This piece complements the copper cookware in the Pasta Queen Collection while adding a pan that’s more spacious for your larger cooking needs. Stella shines in her own right with her lustrous hand-hammered clad stainless steel, and her aluminum core gives your cooking ideal heat conductivity.

Stella can take any dish and display it with class and beauty. She’s so independent that she can create and present the most amazing foods by herself.

A Collection for Perfect Pasta - Every Time

Copper conducts heat and spreads it around quickly and evenly so everything in the pot or pan is equally cooked. This set is made of solid copper and clad stainless steel for superior heat-conductivity by our Ruffoni partners, a fourth-generation workshop in the Italian Alps. They handcraft each piece, hammer them for increased strength and lasting beauty, and finish them with my signature pasta crown especially for the Pasta Queen Collection. The pots and pans are also internally lined with practical, easy-to-care-for stainless steel for daily convenience. This set is a trustworthy ally when it comes to preparing and serving countless meals. When not in use, the gorgeous Pasta Queen Collection effortlessly adorns your kitchen like the beautiful pieces of art they are.