The Pasta Queen

The Pasta Queen Collection

The Pasta Queen Collection

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Introducing the Pasta Queen Collection, a 7-piece luxurious set of copper pots and pans, made in Italy. Through elegant details that add to your decor and features that translate into delicious meals, this custom set reflects my mission of showing that anyone can achieve great food, beauty, lifestyle, and values.


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When I came to Instagram as The Pasta Queen, one of the first things I did was search for and find the Ruffoni page. I’d been collecting pots from this family-run Italian workshop for the past five years, and I was a huge fan. It didn’t take long before Giulia and I got on a call together, and the connection was immediate. We quickly realized that we shared a deep love for the finer things in life, including quality, practicality, beauty, and above all, a passion for food. It was a match made in Heaven, and before that first conversation even ended, we knew we had to do a Ruffoni/Pasta Queen collaboration. It was meant to be.

The Pasta Queen Collection was born out of a love for functionality and beauty in the kitchen, and every single detail was designed especially with my pasta dishes and cooking style in mind. Each piece of the collection comes with a beautiful pasta crown, and these pots and pans were handcrafted in Italy just for you — because you’re worth it. Ruffoni has been handcrafting the highest quality copper cookware in its family-run workshop for generations. I chose them to create my collection because of our shared adoration for all things beauty and food and our passion for life and quality. Together, we created this heirloom set that can satisfy all your kitchen needs. While it has many functions and can cook anything and everything, the true purpose behind this hand-picked Pasta Queen Collection is to bring out the ultimate pasta master within you.

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