Meet the Pasta Queen

Hi, guys! My name is Nadia Caterina Munno, but some of you may know me as The Pasta Queen.

I was born and raised in Rome and recently moved to the United States. I come from generations of pasta makers. In the 1800s, my family started a pasta factory in Southern Italy. They were, and still are, referred to as the “Macaroni.” So, you could say I was born into a pasta dynasty. I remember being five years old making gnocchi with my Nonna Caterina, who I was named after. Pasta is in my blood.

Pasta, Drama, I am Italiana

Since the beginning of time, empires were forged over food. People and cultures have come together and celebrated the most important moments of their lives over meals, whether they were war victories or the forming of alliances between families through marriage. Food was at the center of all these important moments through banquets. It was the key that brought everyone together. And that is my passion. I like to teach that you live longer and happier when you make your own fresh foods from scratch and you use it to create unforgettable moments. 

With this website and all my social media platforms, I want to bring about and share with you my love for pasta and Italian cooking. I want to combine generations of Nonna’s knowledge and secret recipes into the digital space and share the legacy of my family’s love of pasta, fresh ingredients, and fresh Italian food with the world. I found that the easiest way for me to do this was to share some of my recipes on social media, and that’s how it all started. I began posting cooking videos on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook with the goal of recording ancient techniques and recipes that would otherwise be forgotten for everyone in the world to enjoy. 

My recipes are simple to follow, because I want to show how cooking can be fun and full of this magic.

I grew up watching telenovelas with my nonnas and great aunties, and I always say that I dream in telenovelas. One of my favorite things to do is bring these dreams to life, as you can see in some of my videos. It makes me feel like I’m home and reminds me of my family. One of my sayings is “Pasta, drama, I am Italiana.” I love to bring telenovela drama into each one of my cooking videos with fashion, flair, and a little bit of showbusiness. Doing this and adding in some silliness brings about my vision: for people to see, experience, and have fun with me in the kitchen. 

In addition to my cooking tutorials, I wanted to create an heirloom collection of pots and pans that would represent fun, gorgeousness, and quality. And now, I share it with you so you can have a little piece of Pasta Queen enchantment in your life with my new Pasta Queen Collection.

Magic and Pasta

I follow the quote by Federico Fellini, “Life is a combination of magic and pasta.” The cooking process is focused mostly on technique with an added sprinkle of magic. I have been asked many times to give the exact quantities and measurements of ingredients and step-by-step recipes, but I’m of the belief that cooking is an intuitive process. You should be able to have fun in the kitchen and add and subtract ingredients as you please or as you feel on that day. If you feel a little spicy, you can add a little chili pepper. If you feel like you want some freshness, you can add more herbs. If you feel like you want an extra punch, you can add some more garlic. Just let yourself go. I love the idea that cooking is a creative process, and it should be left as such. I don't believe in following strict guidelines when cooking my pasta. Life is too short for boring pasta recipes.

Recipes and ingredients can change not only based on how you feel in the moment but also on who’s coming over for dinner. When cooking for someone else, the ingredients you use should depend on the impression you want to make on that person and what emotions you want to bring out of them. One of my favorite things in life is knowing my ingredients, knowing what they do and what flavors they create. Different flavors bring out different feelings in people, and you can pick and mix them to create the emotions you want in the kitchen. 

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.

So, the foundation of great cooking is a very strong and solid knowledge of your ingredients, from the herbs and vegetables to the spices, flour, and type of water you use. All of them come together to create a magic spell. This spell can relax someone, spice them up, or reinvigorate them and give them energy depending on what you want to do. That’s why the most important thing in cooking is knowing your raw ingredients and their unique purposes. What does garlic do? How do you cut it? If you cut it a certain way, it releases a different flavor than it would if you blended it instead.

Become the Master of Your Pasta Creations

If I was to teach anything to anybody, it would be this: Research and know your ingredients’ codes, because then you can master the art of combining them and creating magic. Think about it like an artist who knows what certain colors do and combines them to paint a masterpiece. It goes above knowing how to paint with a brush, just like cooking goes beyond knowing a recipe. It goes above knowing how many grams of garlic to add. When you know what each ingredient’s function and purpose is, then you are the master of your creation. 

My recipes are simple to follow, because I want to show how cooking can be fun and full of this magic. Those who love to be entertained will always enjoy themselves while they learn simple techniques and actionable tips about cooking along the way. I consider all of my followers to be part of my Macaroni family, and my mission is to bring them a Modern Renaissance, a new way of cooking and making those shareable moments with the people they most love in their lives.

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A Just Gorgeous Cookbook: 100+ Recipes and Stories

I am so proud to announce that after over a full year of hard work, and a lifetime of love and passion for all things pasta, my debut cookbook is now available for pre-order. 

I love the idea that cooking is a creative process, and it should be left as such. I don't believe in following strict guidelines when cooking my pasta. Life is too short for boring pasta recipes