The Art of Italian Cooking

100+ Recipes from My Family to Yours

I am so pleased to announce that my second cookbook will be released on November 12th, 2024.
Preorders are now open! 

About my cookbook

This book is so close to my heart, I take you through many of my favorite family recipes and guide you through the art of the Italian meal, from aperitivi to dolce. While this book expands beyond pasta, there are still dozens of amazing and approachable pasta recipes within the 288 pages.

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It will take you on a journey through my favorite regional Italian dishes.

Consider this book your guide to eating (and cooking!) like a true Italian. It covers the importance of eating with the seasons and celebrating the rich culinary heritage of Italy. It will take you on a journey through my favorite regional Italian dishes. All of the photos were shot in my homeland and will make you feel as if you were transported to the heart of the Mediterranean. This book is all about mastering the fundamentals of Italian cooking, and living La Dolce Vita (the sweet life) while doing so. 

This book will guide you through a traditional Italian Meal from start to finish. First up, no meal would be complete without Aperitivi. This book features recipes for a ton of gorgeous cocktails, everything from my favorite classic Aperol Spritz to a savory cocktail of my own invention, Vesuvio Portal, inspired by the beauty of Mt. Vesuvius. 

Next, once we’ve worked up an appetite we’ll enjoy some Antipasti, or a savory bite of food to kick off the meal. This chapter features a guide to the art of the antipasti board, stuffed zucchini blossoms, Insalata di Mare, and more. ​​Like all things in life, moderation is key here. A true Italian knows just to nosh on this course as the best is still yet to come!

Once the tone of the meal is set, it’s time for the first course. In the Primi chapter expect to find recipes that stand out as the “first plates” of the meal; think hearty soups, iconic pastas and sensational risottos. The Primo course is designed to prime your body for the protein-rich portion of your meal (Secondi), which helps you to digest everything well and make use of the protein as efficiently as possible. 

In the Secondi section you’ll discover hearty meat dishes that will instantly become family favorites. From succulent Spezzatino di Manzo (Beef Stew) to my family’s famous Pollo al Marsala (Chicken Marsala), this course is probably most similar to what Americans may consider an entree.

For the final savory portion of the meal, we close things out with Contorni. In Italian “contorno” means “on the side”, but this course is a little different from what you might consider a typical “side dish”. The contorno is meant to harmonize with the secondo; it never competes with the main dish but rather highlights the beautiful simplicity. Some of my favorite recipes that celebrate the gorgeous bounty of Italy are included in this chapter. Gorgeously bitter Escarole Soup and garlicky Broccoli Rabe are some of the highlights. 

Last but not least, Dolce. No meal is complete without a little something sweet. In this chapter I have recipes for cookies, cakes, and my famous Tiramisu. 

Please join me in celebrating The (just gorgeous) Art of Italian Cooking by pre-ordering the book today. It will be delivered right to your door on November 12th, 2024, right in time for holiday cooking. Start a new family tradition with recipes from my family to yours.

Xx Nadia