Meet Pinuccia

The Chef Pan

Pinuccia is your go-to for making the most amazing pasta sauces.

However, she’s also a multitasker, just like my Auntie Pina, who is the inspiration behind the name of this chef pan. Pinuccia is a fantastic risotto-maker, but thanks to her versatile size and shape, she’s also perfect for browning vegetables, simmering stews, and thickening sauces and soups. 

My Auntie Pina can quickly and skillfully do anything and everything, just like the chef pan Pinuccia. My auntie is also an amazing cook. She whips up the most delicious sauces and veggies and stir-fries you can imagine, and this chef pan can support you to become an impressive, multifaceted cook in your own right.

Pinuccia is ready to help you put your best foot forward when it’s time to test your cooking skills.

The heat properties of the copper simplify the process of making tricky recipes like risotto, and the versatile chef pan can handle even the most finicky sauces and dishes. Thanks to her high sides, she is perfectly capable of holding your pasta as it finishes cooking with the sauce, allowing you to add a little pasta water (aka, Tears of the Gods) and mix it all up to create the most creamy, delicious dishes.

Pinuccia’s stainless steel lining stands up to your whisk or spatula as you master sauces and reductions or saute vegetables. She always looks beautiful no matter what she’s asked to do, as her hammered copper with a delicate knob shaped like a Pasta Queen crown holding pasta beautifies your stovetop, your open shelving, or your table when she’s presenting her creations.

A Collection for Perfect Pasta - Every Time

Copper conducts heat and spreads it around quickly and evenly so everything in the pot or pan is equally cooked. This set is made of solid copper and clad stainless steel for superior heat-conductivity by our Ruffoni partners, a fourth-generation workshop in the Italian Alps. They handcraft each piece, hammer them for increased strength and lasting beauty, and finish them with my signature pasta crown especially for the Pasta Queen Collection. The pots and pans are also internally lined with practical, easy-to-care-for stainless steel for daily convenience. This set is a trustworthy ally when it comes to preparing and serving countless meals. When not in use, the gorgeous Pasta Queen Collection effortlessly adorns your kitchen like the beautiful pieces of art they are.